White Rag Paper Packs

Handmade paper made from 100% long fibred cotton rag. Acid free. Medium-rough surface. Deckle edged.

All papers are internally sized with neutral pH size. 210 gsm, 320 gsm and 640gsm papers are internal and surface sized (tub sized) with gelatine.

For watercolour and all painting and drawing media.

150 gsm, 210 gsm, and 320 gsm papers come in packs of 20 sheets; 640 gsm papers come in packs of 10 sheets.

White rag paper envelopes with deckle edge on the flap.  In C7, C6, C5 and DL formats.  Medium-rough surface.  These come in packs of 20 envelopes.

C7 takes A7 unfolded or A6 folded in half.

C6 takes A6 unfolded or A5 folded in half.

C5 takes A5 unfolded or A4 folded in half.

DL takes A4 folded in three.

White Rag Paper Packs
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